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The Current - Old Town Report Newsletter

Dues increase:

$5 Per Year: Price of a cup of coffee

Nearly a decade has passed since The American Legion’s last national per-capita dues increase. During that span, the U.S. cost of living has climbed 13 percent. An economic downturn unseen since the Great Depression has trimmed interest income from American Legion investments by over 35 percent. And the pool of veterans eligible for American Legion membership has declined by about 20 percent.

With more than 3 million veterans of the global war on terrorism restarting civilian lives, or soon to do so, and looking to The American Legion for help, the National Executive Committee passed a resolution at the 2015 Spring Meetings in Indianapolis to recommend a $5 per-capita annual increase in national membership dues. It amounts to about 1.4 cents a day.

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Post 534 - 100% Goal

Official Membership Report: March 5, 2015

Orcutt Post 534 has reached 100% of our 2014-2015 Membership goal set by the Department of California!YAHOO! Next time you see Kerry Brooks, First Vice-Commander or Dennis Maher, Post 534 Commander, give them a pat on the back and congratulate them on reaching 100% of our membership goal!

This is not the first time Orcutt Post 534 has reached 100% of their membership goal. But this year we have reached the 100% mark much earlier in the year than we normally do. The Post 1000 Transfer Work Party we held earlier this year was a big help. At this work party we sent letters to 160 local Legionnaires who belonged to Post 100 (Post 1000 is the administrative post the department of California - it is not a normal Legion post.). A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Legionnaires Paul Brown (District 16 Assistant Adjutant and Post 1000 transfer guru), Kerry Brooks, Dennis Masher, Keith Mason, Rick Pushies, Ron Eickolt, George Torbert, Brendan Cokeley, Wayne Ratliff, John Coyle, David Dougherty, Neil Brown, and Harry McKitchens who put the team work into the Work Party!

Work Party members, your good team work has helped bring in 26 (so far) Post 1000 transfers into Post 534. Thank You! Another Post 1000 Work Party is being planned for the near future, we want to keep our post membership growing.

By transferring to Orcutt Post 534 the Legionnaires save a few dollars in their annual dues and also become part of an American Legion Post they can call home. A place to meet with other veterans, share experiences and create new experiences helping other veterans, their families and the community.

In the month of March Orcutt Post 534 will be have an Open House to welcome all our new members. The specific date and time will be published in the March edition of the Old Town Report Newsletter.

We are Veterans, still serving America!
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Veterans Crisis Line

"Last year, the United States lost one member of its military every 18 hours to suicide. Veterans and their family members who feel that they may harm themselves should call the Veterans Crisis Hotline, 1-800-273-8255, press 1."

Dan Delinger,
National Commander, The American Legion

Your Volunteer Time Has Value:

The estimated value of volunteer time in California for 2013 was over $26 per hour.

Report Your Volunteer Time

Volunteer Hours Report PDF

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Volunteer Time

The American Legion is a federally chartered organization in part because it fulfills needs and offers services that might not otherwise be provided. Members of The American Legion devote millions of volunteer hours, and raise millions of dollars that help veterans, military families and communities, every year.

American Legion volunteer opportunities are plentiful and varied, across the country. Legionnaires provide after-school tutoring programs and youth activities in urban communities. They can also be found in most VA medical centers and clinics, offering assistance to patients and their families. American Legion posts adopt military units, National Guard armories and Reserve centers to help out whenever needs arise. Young people participating in American Legion Baseball, Boys State, Junior Shooting Sports, Oratorical contests and other activities depend on volunteer leadership and organization.

The American Legion is dedicated to improving support for active duty servicemembers and veterans during their time of transition and rehabilitation and will continue to provide members with volunteer opportunities.

Workplace Giving

Also called employee fund drives - workplace campaigns are charitable solicitations of people conducted at their workplace.

Through workplace giving and payroll deductions to American Legion Charities, it’s easier than ever to stand up for our nation’s veterans and their families.  You support creative and innovative efforts to build better lives for veterans, service personnel and their families.  You ensure our war time veterans receive our sincere gratitude, and at the same time promote a genuinely patriotic cause.

Federal government employees can sign up through the Combined Federal Campaign, the largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign.

There are also unique campaigns for state and local government employees, and many corporations offer matching gift or other workplace giving programs.

When you choose payroll deduction to support American Legion Charities, you simply specify the amount you want to give and your payroll department takes care of the rest, giving you a tax receipt for your records.

For corporate workers, if your employer awards matching funds, American Legion Charities receives an added donation thanks to your participation.

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Orcutt Post 534
The American Legion

The American Legion is a powerful force in our nation’s Capitol! The American Legion is the nation’s largest (2.4 million members), most influential, effective and dependable veterans service organization (VSO). Since our very first meeting in Paris, France in 1919, The American Legion has a vision for a Strong America which includes four pillars of service:

  • Veteran Affairs & Rehabilitation
  • National Security
  • Children and Youth
  • Americanism.

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